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  • Size: Small: 300 – 450 gr – Big: 460 – 780 gr
  • Pack: 5 kg, 7 kg, 9 kg, 10 kg, 18 kg
  • Transport: By sea or by air
  • Storage temperature: 2℃ – 5℃


  • Color: Bright pink to dark pink skin; bright green to greenish-yellow spines; white or pink flesh depending on variety; black seeds.
  • Visual: Brightly colored, smooth leathery skin covered with regularly spaced flat,  flexible spines; spines may be short and triangular or elongated depending on variety; firm flesh containing many small seeds; stem trimmed flush with fruit; no foreign matter.
  • Sensory: spongy, moist flesh which separates cleanly from the skin; sweet, mild flavor and slightly granular texture; small seeds are eaten with flesh; no off flavor or odors.
  • SHAPE Oval to almost round, elongated at the apex.
  • Maturity: Full-bodied, firm fruit; no green color on the skin; TSS > 12º Brix